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Sports Afield Trophy Properties succeeds Cabela’s Trophy Properties, which began in 2004 as a national listing service for countryside properties. Like its predecessor, Sports Afield Trophy Properties fills an important void in this particular niche of the real estate market, and it is the original and only trophy property program. Its mission is to connect buyers and sellers of countryside real estate with the brokers in our network. The SATP network is comprised of experienced brokers who are rural real estate specialists and who live, breathe, and understand land, nature, farming, woodland, forest, and outdoor recreational real estate. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or call 714-622-2774.

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Prospecting Scripts for Land Professionals
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Brand Authenticity
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A Big Investment Opportunity
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What Land Buyers Want to Know
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Ranches for Sale - Hunting Ranches

With each new Season comes many new opportunities for hunting. The definition of hunting season varies by state, but also by person. Some individuals, when they think of hunting, think of a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Others associate the hunt with a desire to learn more about nature and connect with it, while certain people choose to engage in this activity to provide for their family or explore new territory.

Hunting, regardless of how a person thinks about it, is an activity that allows the person to interact with the great outdoors in a whole new way. Many people find their hunting opportunities to be limited, however, for one reason or another, and opt to purchase hunting real estate. How should a person go about comparing hunting ranches for sale to find the one that is right for them and what should people know before making a purchase of this type? Furthermore, how can a broker be of assistance in helping find the right ranch land for sale for this purpose?

Comparing Hunting Ranches For Sale

Price should never be the main consideration when purchasing hunting land for sale. Land should also not be purchased based on a few topographical maps and pictures of big game on the property. Many other factors need to be taken into account during this process. Following are some that need to be part of the decision-making process.


  • Location is of importance when buying hunting land, as it needs to be convenient to access when the owner is ready to hunt. Determine if there are amenities on the property that make it suitable for overnight camping or if a structure has been built to house humans. If not, research local hotels and motels to ensure there will be somewhere to stay if an overnight visit is required for any reason.
  • Does the property have a water source for animals and ample forage? A lack of these basic necessities will limit the amount of wildlife visiting the property and, as a result, the hunting opportunities that will present themselves. Although forage and water sources may be added to draw in more animals, the cost of adding these features must be part of the decision-making process also.
  • Search the land for sign of animals, such as droppings, or install a camera to gain a better understanding of what types of animals may be found on the property and when they tend to visit.
  • The layout of the land tends to be overlooked when a person is comparing hunting ranches for sale, yet a failure to account for the land features can leave someone with a property they aren't satisfied with. For example, if a cabin is to be built on the land, it needs to be placed far away from the natural path of the animals to be hunted. Is there a dry, level space suitable for this purpose? Can this location easily be accessed by any machines that will be required during the construction process? Be sure to take land layout into consideration for these and numerous other reasons.
  • Animals need protection from the heat of the day and somewhere to rest when they are tired. Make certain the land being purchased offers the necessary cover for the desired animals. For example, deer love to hide in heavy brush or tall grasses and often rest there. If these basic items are missing on the land being considered, the chances of finding ample deer are minimized.
  • Neighbors can be an issue, even when buying acreage. A neighbor who hunts may encroach on another person's property when chasing their prey or use hunting methods that don't agree with their neighbors. It's best to meet these individuals and learn more about them to ensure living by each other won't be an issue. When the adjacent land is public property, this can be more of an issue, as the people hunting the land will likely change frequently.
  • Is the ranch suitable for other activities during those times when hunting isn't an option? Many individuals buying land of this type must continue to work to pay for the purchase, and this means the land may be unused for a large portion of the year. Could crops be grown on the land to generate income or could it be used for another purpose? Being able to generate income from the land for a portion of the year may be the deciding factor when it comes to which hunting land for sale that is ultimately purchased.

Why Work With A Broker?

Brokers sit down with the client to determine exactly what they are looking for when it comes to ranch land for sale. This process helps to narrow the available options to only those that meet the needs of the client, as opposed to wasting his or her time looking at ones that aren't suitable. One major benefit of working with a professional of this type is they often know about properties that aren't currently on the market that may be available or ones that are about to be listed.

Furthermore, the land broker walks the buyer through every step of the process. States have different requirements in this area, and buyers often aren't familiar with them. For example, the broker can help understand the differences between the Wyoming Water Law and the Colorado Water Law and how each will impact a sale.

Government lease transfers are also often required during closing, and a broker becomes of great assistance at this time. In fact, may brokers handle these details alongside the title/escrow company to ease the process for the buyer. A good example of this is when an existing grazing lease is in place. The lease may need to be prorated until the end of the season, and the same holds true for hunting and fishing leases already in place. The broker deals with these and other issues, in many cases, to ensure the transaction moves smoothly from start to finish.

Items A Broker May Be Of Assistance With

Hunting real estate often comes with some unique features. For example, mineral rights may come into play when purchasing land of this type, and the average real estate agent might not work with these rights regularly. This is only one of many areas that brokers assist buyers with.

  • Property access and easements play a role in the value of a land to hunters. Many individuals shop for land when it isn't hunting season, never stopping to consider how the changing weather may impact access to the property. Dry land often becomes waterlogged after heavy snows, and this can affect a person's ability to get to their cabin or other areas of the property. Easements must be recorded if another person's property must be used to access the hunting land, and the broker will be of great help in determining if an expressed or implied easement is needed.
  • Oil production and minerals must be considered. Many people refuse to buy land with oil wells, yet a great deal can be had on a property of this type, thus this option should never be overlooked. Don't remove a potential property from the list simply because 100 percent of the mineral rights cannot be obtained. Due to sales of the rights decades ago, this is virtually impossible, but a property owner can prevent drilling on their land without owning full rights to the minerals.
  • Income opportunities and taxes also must be taken into account when purchasing hunting land for sale. A broker becomes of great assistance in determining potential ways to earn income from the property and also helps the buyer determine the various tax implications of owning the land, whether or not it is used to generate income. In many states, such as Texas, agriculture exemptions help to reduce the amount an owner pays in taxes. In contrast, recreational land may be taxed at a higher rate, thus all variables must be taken into consideration. Finally, when purchasing like property, certain tax breaks may come into play, and a broker helps the buyer with all of the above. 
  • Brokers help buyers with numerous other issues also, such as learning about the potential for floods on a given property and any drainage measures that have been put into place. They assist with zoning and land use restrictions, wetlands and archaeological sites, soil issues, and more. In the event a broker doesn't have the desired information, he or she uncovers the answer for the client or connects the client to the appropriate individuals to obtain this information.

Work with a broker to locate the property that is right for your unique needs. If you do so, you'll find that your opportunities expand when it comes to a sport you love. The broker works to help you find the place that allows you to explore your passion in a way that is truly meaningful and, with the help of your own hunting land, you just may find it becomes much than a passion. It may just turn into a way of life for you.