What Is Sports Afield Trophy Properties?

Sports Afield Trophy Properties is a broad-based network offering countryside property listings. All sales are conducted by our professional, independent real-estate brokers who provide unparallel professionalism and dedication to our clients. 


What Do Our Brokers Offer?

Our network is comprised of experienced brokers who are countryside real-estate specialists who live, breathe, and understand rural properties. This exclusive group of specialized brokers has a deep understanding of the value of land, wildlife, soil, woodlands, nature, wildlife habitat, water, the environment, and all aspects of good land stewardship. Because Sports Afield Trophy Properties’ participating brokers understand the value of land and outdoor properties, they are by far the best professionals to consult when selling or buying countryside real estate.


What is a Trophy Property?

A trophy property is a real-estate term used to describe something uniquely special.  Mark Twain once said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”  We market ranch, agriculture, woodland, forest, equestrian, water frontage, hunting, fishing, and recreational outdoor properties. Branding a property, a Sports Afield Trophy Property gives exclusive recognition!  Our brand is trusted, respected, and knowledgeable about EVERYTHING outdoors. 

Are You Interested in becoming an Exclusive SATP Broker?

Join a team like no other!  The Sports Afield Trophy Properties network is comprised of experienced brokers who are rural real estate specialists and who live, breathe, and understand land, nature, farming, woodland, forest, and outdoor recreational real estate.  Our purpose is to enhance our broker’s resources to market their businesses and sell their properties.  We use a multi-level marketing platform approach that is surpassed by none.  If you think you’d be a good fit at Sports Afield Trophy Properties as a Participating Broker, spend some time on our website, get to know us a bit and then contact Tina Durflinger for more information on how we can help increase your marketing and lead potential.   Email [email protected] 

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